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Goodwill Industries of Western New York, Inc.

Goodwill offers high-quality programs that help people develop occupational skills and find jobs.


We assist people in need to achieve meaningful employment and personal independence.


Goodwill is committed to helping people make the transition from unemployment or underemployment to competitive employment. Alternative Work Services offers a level of work involvement that can accommodate the abilities, needs, and limitations of individuals with more severe or multiple disabilities.

Such individuals might have difficulty adapting to competitive employment, or might require extended work preparation to achieve such a goal. A normalized job setting with non-disabled co-workers further serves to enhance work skills, behavior, and habit development.



Prior assessment and/or training efforts indicate the potential to benefit from work experience in a supportive, less-pressured work setting.



  1. To maintain and improve job adjustment for competitive placement
  2. To Maintain and/or improve job adjustment within disability limitations.
  3. To provide participants with income while developing transferable job skills in a supportive setting.



  1. Individual or group counseling
  2. Remedial academic classes
  3. Community resource referral and advocacy
  4. Progress review every six months
  5. Earnings based on measured productivity







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