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Goodwill Readies to Open Expanded and Remodeled Tonawanda Location

Goodwill of Western New York announced that construction is almost complete at its 10,000 sq. ft. expanded and remodeled retail store and donation center in Tonawanda. The expansion adds 3,240 sq. feet to the Colvin-Eggert Plaza location at 3177 Eggert Road where Goodwill has been located since 2009. The store has remained open during remodeling. The expanded retail store will feature the concept and layout that Goodwill has used in its recent store remodels including signage and displays that better represent the Goodwill brand and mission. Shopper reaction has been positive to the new design and shopping experience. In addition to the retail space, this location will feature a donation cen

Goodwill Honors Systems Personnel as Volunteer of the Year

Each year Goodwill honors an individual or organization that consistently shares their time and talent for the benefit of Goodwillclients and employees. This year Goodwill honored Systems Personnel at the 2018 Pathways to Success Annual Achievement Awards. You don’t get to be a leading executive recruiter and employment agency by doing things halfway. Systems Personnel places the best talent in information technology, accounting & finance and healthcare IT with top employers who need workers immediately. And they do it all with a personal touch that keeps companies coming back for every project they staff. The goal at Systems Personnel is to improve the lives of everyone they work with. To t

Achiever of the Year - Kenneth Wojtusiak

“Goodwill opened a lot of doors for me. They really want you to succeed.” Kenneth Wojtusiak is very open and honest about anything you ask him. His family was “broken apart” after being together for 15 years and he raised his four children, three who lived with him, as a single dad. He moved from job to job trying to support his family, but it wasn’t enough. He applied for public assistance and was referred to Goodwill to receive the support he needed to find employment. Kenny was placed at a job, but unfortunately the place of business closed and he didn’t get paid for the time he worked. Then he had a pre-cancerous health scare. He participated in a drug trial which proved to be succ

Achiever of the Year - Naney Rivera-Perez

"If it wasn’t for Goodwill, I wouldn’t be here. They gave me the experience I needed to be where I am today.” To say that this past year has been a whirlwind for Naney Rivera-Perez is an understatement. After graduating from high school, Naney had no plans to go to college and wasn’t sure what to do with her life. Her family was not able to assist her and did not support her plan to pursue employment. Since her family relied on public assistance, Naney was directed by the Department of Social Services to complete mandatory work activity at one of two locations. Goodwill was one of them. She had never heard of Goodwill and took a “leap of faith” that proved to be the first step in her journ

Goodwill Honors Venture Forthe as Employer of the Year.

Each year Goodwill honors a business that has demonstrated outstanding dedication in assisting individuals with vocational barriers through competitive employment opportunities. The 2018 Employer of the Year is Venture Forthe. Venture Forthe is a local, family owned licensed home care services agency that has been helping people meet their goals of living independently since 1997. For over 20 years, Venture Forthe has been committed to superior care for clients. Positive interactions and interventions are promoted to help clients achieve goals that they find important. They are proud of the fact that they have helped their clients obtain higher education degrees, grow relationships with fa

Achiever of the Year - Nicholas Notaro

“Because of the training I received at Goodwill, I have a job I love.” Sometimes you don’t know that help is available to you until it’s offered. That is what Nick Notaro and his mom found out when he was a junior in high school and was referred to ACCES-VR (Adult Career & Continuing Education Services-Vocational Rehabilitation) who sent him to Goodwill for the extra support services he needed. Nick needed help managing his anxiety and learning how to be successful in the workplace. He had one work experience that “didn’t work out” and wanted to be prepared for his next job. Working with a vocational evaluator at Goodwill, Nick confirmed that he wanted to work in the maintenance/custodial f

Goodwill Honors Tectran as Customer of the Year

Goodwill's Customer of the Year award recognizes a business that has placed its confidence in Goodwill's Contract Manufacturing division and provided individuals with valuable work experience. This year Goodwill presented this award to Tectran. The trucking industry is one of the biggest and most important contributors to the US economy. To those who make their living in this industry, success can sometimes come down to the performance of a small part. Every trucker knows that quality parts make a big difference. Tectran knows this too. For over 40 years, Tectran has served the heavy truck and trailer industry as a designer, manufacturer and marketer of air, hydraulic and electrical componen

Achiever of the Year - Jessica Lundgren

“I needed stability for me and my family, and thanks to Goodwill we’re getting there! Jessica Lundgren believes that “everything happens for a reason” even though it isn’t always easy to understand at the time. Jessica and her family had been living with her parents who were ill while she cared for them. When they passed, she was unable to keep the home because of back taxes owed, and it was sold at auction. Having no other family in the area, she accepted her sister’s invitation to move with her partner and three young sons, six year old twins and a nine year old, to Florida until they could get on their feet. While there and without a vehicle, Jessica was only able to get low-paying wa

Goodwill Honors Tops Markets as Business Partner of the Year

Tops Markets was honored as Goodwill's Business Partner of the Year at the Pathways to Success 18th Annual Achievement Awards. Tops prides itself on being your friendly neighborhood store that has what you want while saving you time and money. Headquartered in Williamsville, Tops operates 169 full-service supermarkets, 47 right here in Western New York, along with an additional five supermarkets operated by franchisees under the Tops banner. Currently Tops employs over 14,000 associates. Striving to give customers an exceptional shopping experience, the Tops team works hard to ensure that every need is met and offers shoppers convenience, savings and friendly service. Tops believes strongly

Achiever of the Year - Cheryl Glover

“I felt like I mattered. The Goodwill staff took an interest in me and saw something I couldn’t see in myself regardless of my background, what I had been through, and where I came from." The best word that can be used to describe Cheryl Glover is “determined”. Cheryl is a Gulf War Veteran who served in the US Army for eight years. When she returned home, she struggled to maintain sobriety and traveled down a “rocky path” losing job after job, encountering legal issues and was eventually arrested and incarcerated. Not until then did Cheryl realize that she wanted a better life for herself. She “set goals in her head” and was going to do whatever it took to make that happen. Cheryl was famil

Goodwill Holds 18th Annual Pathways to Success Event

Goodwill of Western New York held its 18th annual Pathways to Success Annual Achievement Awards on Tuesday, October 9th. The celebration honored five Achievers of the Year, remarkable Goodwill clients and employees who have taken their own individual path to success and great friends and supporters of Goodwill's mission of changing lives through the power of work. There is no better way to tell the Goodwill story than through the stories of the evening's honorees. This year's Achievers were Cheryl Glover, Jessica Lundgren, Nicholas Notaro, Naney Rivera-Perez and Kenneth Wojtusiak whose stories can be found in the Success Story section of our website. Systems Personnel was honored as the Volu