Achiever of the Year - Nicole White

"My life is very different now. Goodwill helped me with a lot of things!" When you talk to Nicole White, one of the first things she’ll proudly tell you in that she is now ”seven years clean”. Nicole has come a long way in her journey from the years when she abused alcohol, had “no job” and no home of her own. She and her five children had to live with family members, and in her words, “life was terrible”. Nicole knew she needed help to get her life back on track, so she placed her children in the care of her aunt and went to a supportive living house for women who needed help to get clean. After a year and a half, she was ready to move on to the next step in her journey. Nicole was referred

Achiever of the Year - Donald Wallace

"I can't say enough about the encouragement I received at Goodwill. They were always pushing me to see what more I can do." Donald Wallace had worked in construction his whole life doing a highly physical job. In 2016 his world was turned upside down when he was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, suffered a massive heart attack and had quadruple bypass surgery. After a long road of rehabilitation and healing, he changed his lifestyle and got back on his feet. Part of getting his life together meant exploring the type of work he would now be able to perform. Donald was referred by the State Education Department’s ACCES-VR (Adult Career & Continuing Ed Services-Vocational Rehabilitation) to Good

Achiever of the Year - Mark Palmowski

"Goodwill gave me the second chance I needed." Mark Palmowski is a United States Marine Corps veteran who served our country for four years. After his time in the military, Mark planned to make truck driving his career and trained at the National Tractor Trailer School. A brief incarceration sidelined his plans, and he found it extremely difficult to find a job. Mark’s path led him to Goodwill where he was hired as a dockworker in the Donated Goods Processing area where he loaded and unloaded trucks and trailers, but he still kept his focus on his goal of being hired as a truck driver. After proving himself as a reliable and dedicated team member on the dock, Goodwill decided to give Mark a

Achiever of the Year - Andrew Givens

"I am just so proud of myself which is something I've never felt before. My prayers are finally being answered and Goodwill is a huge part of that answer." Andrew had "hit rock bottom" in his life. He was living in Syracuse and had just gotten home after “doing time” in prison for eight years. He was ready for a change, and decided he needed to be “a new face in a new place”. Since Andrew’s fiancé was from Buffalo, they decided Buffalo would be the place to make that new start. Andrew knew he needed help to get a job and turn his life around. He had “a want - not a dream - to do better”. Andrew heard about Goodwill's programs from three different people – his fiancé, who always gives him “gr

Achiever of the Year - Armando Diaz Flores

"Goodwill gave me an opportunity. This place is really a blessing for me." For most of his life, Armando Diaz Flores had worked in the construction field as a handyman both in Puerto Rico and in Philadelphia where he lived before he and his family moved to Buffalo eight years ago. He’ll tell you that “life was hard” for him, his wife and two children. Even though he worked “24/7” there never seemed to be enough money in his pocket to provide for himself and his family. His situation was further complicated when his landlord decided to change his lease and raise his rent, demanding $3000 in payment that Armando just did not have. He was forced to turn to the Erie County Department of Socia

Ford Gum Receives Goodwill Customer of the Year Award

Ford Gum & Machine Company (Ford Gum) is a leading manufacturer of Big League Chew® Bubblegum, Smarties® licensed confections, Carousel® gumball machines and Jelly Belly® licensed gum. Additionally, the company is a leading manufacturer of gum for private label and bulk vending sales. In 1913, Ford Mason founded Ford Gum with limited resources, but with unlimited enthusiasm. He created a business empire stretching from coast-to-coast. Over 500,000 vending machines perched on store counters and pipe pedestals in countless North American communities testify to the magnitude of his operations. To service this army of machines, Ford set up a nationwide system of operators. From the very beginnin

Goodwill Honors Buffalo State College Fashion & Technology Department with Community Partner Awa

The Buffalo State College Fashion and Textile Technology program unlocks an array of exciting career options in the fashion industry for students who pursue a degree. One of the many opportunities afforded to students is participation in a class that offers service learning through Buffalo State’s Civic and Community Engagement division. Students in Issues in Merchandising and Fashion Retailing and now students in the Fundamentals of the Fashion Industry classes have partnered with Goodwill each Spring and Fall semester to extend their learning beyond the classroom and help Goodwill at the same time. Service learning always begins with a presentation where students have the opportunity to le

Remedy Staffing Receives Goodwill Business Partner of the Year Award

Remedy Staffing is all about creating solutions for job seekers and businesses. They understand what it takes to help people get a great job. Like Goodwill, they understand that finding a job takes practice and preparation. Just one meeting and tour of Goodwill’s agency headquarters was the springboard to a partnership that has grown and developed. At that first meeting, Remedy staffers mentioned that the temporary staffing agency was “all about giving back” and looking for volunteer opportunities. Soon they began teaching ”Your Job Search”, a class that is part of Goodwill’s soft skills class curriculum, on a regular basis. Goodwill clients learn the basics of the job search - resume wri

Stephen Tucker, Northland Workforce Training Center, Honored with Goodwill Chairman's Award

Goodwill's Chairman’s Award is presented to an individual that is delivering superior and urgently needed services to an underserved population enabling people to achieve better lives for themselves and their families. We think that describes Stephen Tucker perfectly. Photo credit: Mark Mulville, Buffalo News Stephen is the inaugural President & CEO of the Northland Workforce Training Center and is responsible for the management, oversight and day-to-day operations of the 80,000 square-foot facility focused on training and preparing Western New Yorkers for careers in advanced manufacturing and clean energy. As Governor Andrew Cuomo's signature workforce initiative under the Buffalo Billion i

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