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Goodwill Industries of Western New York, Inc. Success Stories

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Goodwill Industries of Western New York, Inc.“I always thought, I’d never work,” Cynthia said. “Now, I’m confident. I know I got to do this.”

Cynthia’s attitude changed. She struggled to find the meaning of work. But building on eight consecutive years at Goodwill, she says now she couldn’t imagine not coming to work.

Cynthia was diagnosed with major depression and counselors recommended Goodwill. At first Cynthia was not receptive. After realizing the impact and alternative of not working, she finally budged by entering Goodwill’s treatment program. In the sheltered work shop, Cynthia began to see just how work changed her life.

“The staff and the people I work with helped me, and I turned all of the negatives into positives. Today, I look forward to coming to work.”


Goodwill Industries of Western New York, Inc.When Karen decides to talk, she closes her eyes and visualizes, takes a moment and speaks softly, but with conviction.

She has worked at Goodwill Industries of WNY for at least 20 years, but can not recall the exact date and reason she landed at Goodwill.

Hard times are forgetful because Karen suffers from recurring seizures.

At Goodwill, coworkers are sensitive to Karen’s episodes. And, she said, that is what makes working at Goodwill comfortable.

Girlfriend Donna drives Karen to the doctor and cares for her more than anyone.

“If I had a sister, I’d want it to be her,” she said wiping tears. “I would have had one, but she died three days after birth.”

Karen also admits a struggle containing emotions. And she knows on a few occasions that she “told people off.”

Goodwill and counseling, she says, help contain those outbursts.

Karen now works on the contracting floor, inserting ceramic pins into bars for making industrial Greenware products.

She reiterated Goodwill has meant a lot and encourages others who need support to trust Goodwill.

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