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About Goodskills
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Start earning what you deserve in just four weeks.

Background & Research

Goodskills Career Builder is a rigorously evaluated industry-driven model, which leverages next and best practices in workforce development based on research and data. Goodwill partnered with the UB Regional Institute (UBRI) to build the comprehensive model which includes sector specific recruitment, career readiness training, an experiential work environment, support services, technical training, job training and placement and post-employment coaching for career advancement. All of these components are critical to an individual’s success, long-term increased wages and ability to build generational wealth.

We’re also releasing a series of reports that focus on key aspects of workforce in WNY in partnership with UBRI. These briefs are part of a collaborative effort to expand access to higher-paying career pathways for all individuals, as part of Goodwill of WNY’s Goodskills Career Builder program. Check back here for our latest research publications.

Our Latest Research Brief

ResearchBrief5_ FINAL_ COVER IMAGE.jpg

Training for a Diverse Workforce in Western New York: The True Costs and Benefits 
January 2023

This brief shares data and insights on the true cost of training for a diverse and more inclusive workforce, and the economic benefits of this training for individuals, employers, the public sector and the region overall.

Funding for the brief is from a phase 1 Build Back Better Regional Challenge grant from the US Economic Development Administration

Past Research Briefs

ResearchBrief 4_ NEW_Final COVER IMAGE.jpg

Outreach and Recruitment Strategies for a Diverse Workforce in Buffalo Niagara 
August 2022

This brief shares insights on the efforts it takes and the volume of people that must be reached to recruit and cultivate a diverse and more inclusive workforce in the Buffalo Niagara region.

Funding for the brief is from a phase 1 Build Back Better Regional Challenge grant from the US Economic Development Administration

ResearchBrief 3_ NEW_Final COVER IMAGE.jpg

Addressing a Triple Threat in Workplace Rebound
December 2021

This brief highlights a triple threat facing some workers in the region and opportunities for skills-based training such as that offered by Goodskills Career Builder.

ResearchBrief 2_ NEW_Final COVER IMAGE.jpg

Workforce Readiness Skills Training and Buffalo's Rebound
Updated October 2021

This brief examines the demand for workforce readiness skills, the factors underlying this demand, and the opportunities for skills-based training, like Goodskills Career Builder, to meet this demand and provide transformative regional economic impacts.

Tech and Buffalo's Rebound
Updated October 2021

This brief provides an overview of career opportunities in tech within the demographic and economic context of the Buffalo Niagara region.

Initial Project Research Brief
Updated November 2022

This brief summarizes the research that led to the model Goodwill created to form Goodskills Career Builder.

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