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Join the Goodwill of Western New York Green Team

Goodwill of Western New York is ready to begin moving forward with a major initiative to become certified under the TRUE Standards for Zero Waste within the next three to five years.  As part of that process we are forming a Goodwill employee sustainability committee called the “Goodwill Green Team”.  The purpose of this committee is to provide feedback on our sustainability initiatives, gain insights into our processes, and help disseminate information about these activities to other employees.

This group will meet with the CEO and senior management once per quarter beginning in early 2024. We would like the Goodwill Green Team to have representation from all areas of our business. If you are interested in participating, please use the link to fill out the form below including a few sentences of why you would like to participate.  We will review the list and then select up to six people to participate. 



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