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Lester's Story

Lester is a quiet, humble, man who shows up to work every day in Goodwill’s Contract Manufacturing division and simply does his job - and does it well. He came to Goodwill after working at the former Phoenix Frontier agency where he felt safe and comfortable. He figured out how to take the three buses it takes him to get to work each day and transitioned well to his new environment at Goodwill.

Lester takes his job seriously. No matter what project he is assigned to, he can be counted on to work to the best of his ability whether it is packaging, heat sealing, shrink wrapping or any other manufacturing assignment. He will tell you that his favorite job is working on handles and kit assembly for Goodwill customer Lansky Sharpeners. He works well independently or as part of the team that he considers his friends. Lester has maintained a perfect attendance record for over a year which speaks volumes about his dedication to work!

Lester Walker, smiling, stands next to a stack of packaged Lansky Sharpeners in the Goodwill Warehouse

“Working makes me happy and keeps me healthy.”

- Lester Walker

To support Lester’s motivation and desire to work, both Goodwill and his community case manager have recommended that he participate in a new state program called Pathways to Employment. Through an internship program, he will explore occupational experiences in the community to expand his knowledge and evaluate his abilities to move toward the next step in his work life.

Lester lives independently in the community and has a very supportive family. He enjoys keeping active, and you can always find him walking in his neighborhood. A sports fan, he also enjoys watching football and basketball on TV. With a shy smile he’ll tell you that he secretly roots for Seattle- even though he is a Bills fan!

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