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Goodwill Honors Tectran as Customer of the Year

Goodwill's Customer of the Year award recognizes a business that has placed its confidence in Goodwill's Contract Manufacturing division and provided individuals with valuable work experience. This year Goodwill presented this award to Tectran.

The trucking industry is one of the biggest and most important contributors to the US economy. To those who make their living in this industry, success can sometimes come down to the performance of a small part. Every trucker knows that quality parts make a big difference. Tectran knows this too. For over 40 years, Tectran has served the heavy truck and trailer industry as a designer, manufacturer and marketer of air, hydraulic and electrical components and systems. Selling through an extensive network of professional parts marketers, Tectran produces high quality US made products that offer maintenance, operating, safety and security solutions to equipment operators throughout North America.

Tectran is the industry innovator and problem solver, always seeking to make things better for the driver behind the wheel, the mechanic in the shop and the distributor behind the counter.

These “problem solvers” found themselves with a problem they needed a solution to. Tectran was experiencing a “labor crunch” while they were attempting to grow their capacity at an aggressive rate. Due to spatial constraints they “just couldn’t meet demand” and considered moving work to their plant in Texas, but then they looked for other alternatives. That’s when they turned to Goodwill’s Contract Manufacturing division. Goodwill ‘s Contract Manufacturing division has been providing manufacturing and packaging services to Western New York companies for over 60 years in our 25,000 sq. ft. ISO 9001:2015 certified facility. Tectran’s manufacturing manager had personally worked with Goodwill in the past and knew that it provided a cost-effective alternative for many businesses faced with fluctuating workloads, rising personnel costs, or tight deadlines. Since Goodwill was looking to grow its Contract Manufacturing division and provide even more individuals with work experience it was seen as a “win-win situation” for community minded Tectran.

Goodwill’s Contract Manufacturing manager says, “Tectran has been a fantastic business partner to Goodwill’s Contract Manufacturing division. Every step of the way they have given us their trust and confidence, and each Goodwill employee strives every day to make sure that that trust is earned by putting out a quality product that they can be proud of. One of the greatest aspects of our partnership is working with a business that shares and respects Goodwill’s mission and values. Everyone we work with at Tectran truly cares about putting people first and improving the WNY community as a whole.“

We thank Tectran for their vote of confidence and are grateful that they see many other opportunities for us to partner in the future.

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