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Ford Gum Receives Goodwill Customer of the Year Award

Ford Gum & Machine Company (Ford Gum) is a leading manufacturer of Big League Chew® Bubblegum, Smarties® licensed confections, Carousel® gumball machines and Jelly Belly® licensed gum. Additionally, the company is a leading manufacturer of gum for private label and bulk vending sales.

In 1913, Ford Mason founded Ford Gum with limited resources, but with unlimited enthusiasm. He created a business empire stretching from coast-to-coast. Over 500,000 vending machines perched on store counters and pipe pedestals in countless North American communities testify to the magnitude of his operations. To service this army of machines, Ford set up a nationwide system of operators.

From the very beginning, Ford Mason was also dedicated to helping disabled and disadvantaged individuals and developed an ingenious way to raise funds for worthy causes that came to be known as “The Ford Way Plan”. The plan, a cooperative effort between Ford Gum and the operators that fill the gumball machines, is a “painless way of fundraising” that has generated millions of dollars over the years since it was first established to fund an addition to a children’s hospital in Columbus, Ohio. Today, from a network of distributors to a broad range of new popular products and state of the art equipment, Ford Gum continues to deliver high quality, innovative candy, gum and novelty products. When Ford Gum was faced with spikes in demand for their wide variety of seasonal promotional products, they turned to Goodwill’s Contract Services division. For over three years, Goodwill has provided Domino inkjet labeling as well as assembly and packaging services for their products. Ford Gum President George Stege feels that Goodwill is “a good fit” for his company because of Goodwill’s “modern facility and FDA and quality control compliance” in its 17,000 sq. ft. ISO 9001:2015 certified facility. Goodwill’s dedicated workforce has processed over two million pieces of gum for Ford Gum this year alone. Stege is pleased with the “on-time delivery” to his Akron, NY facility where Ford Gum’s products are produced which is extremely important when there are always “tight schedules to be met”.

Goodwill Contract Manufacturing Services is proud to partner with this iconic brand. One of the greatest aspects of our partnership is working with a business that shares Goodwill’s mission and values. Because of the confidence that Ford Gum has placed in us, so many individuals are able to get the experience they need to work and provide for themselves and their families. We thank Ford Gum for their vote of confidence and look forward to our continued partnership.

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