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Goodwill and BCAT Unveil "A Hand Up" Mural

Unique collaboration leads to a mural visually representing Goodwill’s mission of changing lives through the power of work

A bright, inviting space is now welcoming staff, program participants and the community through the collaborative efforts of two local non-profit organizations, Buffalo Center for Arts and Technology (BCAT) and Goodwill of Western New York. On Tuesday, June 21, six high school artists from BCAT unveiled the mural they created titled “A Hand Up”. The mural is located in the Community Room at Goodwill’s headquarters on William Street in Buffalo.

BCAT youth artists, Clementine Gianadda, Daia Zalquarnain, Eli Montalvo, Jada Jackson, James Dwuznik, and Timiyah Curry worked with mural mentor, Sarah Nemec to create artwork that visually represents Goodwill’s mission of changing lives through the power of work.

The collaborative project was initiated in October 2021 and involved stakeholders from both BCAT and Goodwill. High school artists in BCAT’s mural club led the process from ideation to design to implementation. Through their involvement and guided experience, they gained a deeper understanding of project management and client relationships.

BCAT artists developed a 9 ft. by 36 ft. mural that depicts how the Goodwill offers the “hand up, not a hand out” that individuals need to be successful as they build their careers. “A Hand Up” features bright images including a hand reaching for the stars, a door open for new opportunities, books to learn from, and an umbrella for protection from the difficulties of the world around us.

“This collaborative project between Goodwill of Western New York and BCAT provided our BCAT youth with the opportunity to demonstrate their talents while giving back to their community. We appreciate Goodwill’s willingness to work with us on such an amazing project,” stated Dr. Kamalah Poles, BCAT Youth Arts & Technology Director.


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