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Goodwill Honors Blackstone Advanced Technologies as Business Partner of the Year

With over 100 years in the industry, Blackstone Advanced Technologies is committed to providing full service custom sheet metal fabrication for industrial manufacturing, specializing in small-to-medium volume complex parts, at their 275,000 sq. ft. facility in Jamestown, NY. From train cars and submarines to electronic enclosures and military lockers, they have experience with creating large and small sheet metal products that stand up to all environments. The Blackstone team is innovative, motivated, and results-oriented. Their expert engineers carefully assess quality, profitability, and customer service needs and all services can be tailored to meet project or industry requirements to transform custom sheet metal designs into successful product for their customers. Blackstone prides itself on its family oriented culture and commitment to the community.

Blackstone actively recruits individuals for employment who bring a skill set and, most importantly, a willingness to learn. They provide on the job training for qualified candidates.

Blackstone opens their doors to Jamestown Goodskills Career Builder participants on a monthly basis to tour their facility as part of their Goodskills curriculum. Participants are excited to learn that there is a local company producing international products right in their hometown and that there is an opportunity for them to become a part of it. The facility tour allows participants to see and learn about the variety of positions available at Blackstone and opens doors of opportunity for Goodskills graduates.

Goodskills Career Builder is proud to have Blackstone as a business partner as we expand services in Chautauqua County.


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