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Goodwill Honors Cazenovia Recovery Systems as Community Partner of the Year

People with substance use disorders need hope. Cazenovia Recovery Systems helps people find their way to a better life.

Caz Recovery takes a comprehensive approach to providing treatment and services through their programs and offers a complete continuum of residential care for people with substance use disorders. Through a supportive community, they encourage people to rediscover their identity and self worth. When residents move into Caz Recovery’s Reintegration programs, they are connected with community resources like outpatient treatment and vocational services to help them on their path to recovery.

Partnering with Goodskills Career Builder has helped Caz Recovery program participants focus on obtaining workforce readiness skills and the training and experience they need to begin their path to employment. By enrolling in Goodskills and gaining the skills they need to succeed, Caz participants are open to employment opportunities they did not think were possible. They appreciate the opportunity to be in a judgement free zone where they are treated equally and given the opportunity to not only succeed but also to see a promising future.

Goodskills is a good fit for Caz Recovery participants since most are not interested in traditional education but are looking for employment in the trades industry. The Goodskills workforce readiness training and manufacturing training and experience provides a first step onto a career path and a renewed sense of purpose for these individuals that they did not think was possible.

Goodskills is proud to partner with Cazenovia Recovery Systems to help participants gain confidence and find their purpose so they can lead a healthier life and reach their full potential.


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