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Goodwill Honors Jamestown Community College as Community Partner of the Year

The decision for Goodskills Career Builder to expand into Chautauqua County was based on the significant number of individuals living below the poverty level and a number of local manufacturers looking to fill available positions. Partnering with Jamestown Community College (JCC) was a natural fit for Goodskills Career Builder.

JCC provides two-year degree programs and one-year certificate programs in engineering, manufacturing and applied technology. They also offer customized training and advanced manufacturing courses through their Workforce Development programs that bridge the needs of employers, the community, and individuals by providing learning opportunities that allow students to succeed personally and professionally. Courses are held at the Manufacturing Technology Institute on the JCC campus and provide the hands-on technical training needed to provide meaningful employment opportunities to support advanced manufacturing in the Southern Tier region.

The Goodskills team is an integral part in getting underserved populations onto the JCC campus. Having Goodskills based on the JCC campus allows Goodskills participants to gain the foundational skills that Goodskills provides while also being exposed to the educational opportunities that JCC provides upon completion of their Goodskills training. It provides the motivation participants need to see the possibilities available to them as they get started on a new career path that can change their lives.

The collaboration between JCC and Goodskills is reaching hard-to-reach populations that do not believe college is an option for them or that there are resources to help them achieve their goals. Together we are empowering individuals to take control of their lives.


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