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Goodwill Makes Style "Super Affordable"

It's no secret thrift shopping is a great way to show off your personal style while saving money and helping the environment. According to Coupon Follow, thrift store shoppers save nearly $1,800 each year by shopping secondhand. 62% of Gen-Z and millennials prefer shopping secondhand over buying new.

Thrift influencer Suma DiMeo, a great friend and ambassador of our Goodwill, joined us at our Clarence/WIlliamsville store to provide some awesome styling and thrifting tips for a 7 News WKBW story.

Although thrifting may seem overwhelming with the seemingly endless possibilities, DiMeo had some great tips to share to make the most out of your trip to Goodwill as she shopped for herself and her young son.

1. Check every section

2. Buy oversized and pair with a belt

3. Check the go-back racks

"His outfit for the first day of school was $10. If I had bought that at a store, it would've been $30. I am saving so much and with him growing out of the clothes so fast, every outfit he wears an item is thrifted," said DiMeo.

Watch here


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