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Kenneth's Story

"With the help of those at Goodwill and my co-workers who have become like a family to me, I am part of something as special as the U.S. Army that I proudly served in.”

Kenneth is a combat veteran who was referred to Goodwill’s Veterans Employment Services division in 2019. He worked with Goodwill's workforce team to overcome personal obstacles and determine his professional goals. After working on his resume and interviewing skills, Kenneth was hired for a one-year contract position at the US Census Bureau. When that position ended, he found himself unemployed again.

At that time, Goodwill's Goodskills Career Builder initiative was recruiting participants to take part in a new initiative that provided the skills necessary to obtain a position in manufacturing or technology. Kenneth enrolled and excelled in the program. He gained a solid foundation of workforce readiness skills, technical training and hands on work experience and continued to develop his interviewing skills. When local employers came on site to interview Goodskills graduates, Kenneth was ready. He interviewed for his dream job at Tesla and landed the job he had set his mind to.

Kenneth is excelling in his position as an Energy Support Specialist at Tesla. He handles a variety of customer issues, administrative functions, special projects and support functions while delivering exceptional customer service. He has been both resilient and determined as he transitioned not only to civilian employment but also to a brand new career path. Kenneth’s attitude, aptitude, and commitment were the keys to successfully gaining employment at Tesla. He continues to demonstrate his love of learning and his strong work ethic. He makes it his goal to deliver the best possible customer service and takes pride in his work and the company he works for.

At Tesla, Kenneth's supervisors and team members describe him as a true professional. He is also empathetic, approachable, and easy to interact with. He enjoys and appreciates his team members and they feel likewise about him. He is grateful for how far he has come and for all who have supported him and continue to do so.

Kenneth will tell you that “The best part of my job is the gratifying and rewarding feeling I get after interacting with a customer and the knowledge that I’ve helped them."


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