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Goodwill Honors M&T Bank as Business Partner of the Year

Great companies have an enduring sense of purpose. M&T Bank is one of these companies. They are driven to help, and encourage and enable their customers and communities to thrive. Founded in 1856, they care deeply about those they serve. Today the idea of ongoing connectivity and collaboration is more important than ever. M&T Bank believes in taking an active role in the lives of their customers and within our communities, working as one to promote the success of all.

M&T is committed to understanding the distinct needs and desires of the people and businesses who make our communities unique. M&T Bank has consistently earned the highest possible Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) performance rating from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York because they know they are only as successful as the communities they serve.

M&T Bank has had a longstanding partnership with Goodwill and has collaborated with Goodwill on numerous projects and initiatives. Goodwill is grateful for M&T’s generous support over the years. Our unique partnership continues to grow and evolve in a variety of meaningful ways.

M&T team members from the local neighborhood branch provide financial education for Goodskills Career Builder participants that truly make a difference in their lives. The financial literacy classes covering subjects such as banking basics, credit scores and repair, mortgages and retirement help participants understand and take control of their personal finances.

Goodskills participants tour the M&T Tech Academy at Seneca One as part of their curriculum to see the space and expose them to the advanced training and types of career opportunities available to them in the technology field.

M&T’s human resources team members connect with Goodskills graduates at the onsite job fair held monthly at Goodwill’s agency headquarters to assist with resume building and interviewing skills and potentially offer employment opportunities to those who are a good fit for M&T. Several Goodskills graduates have now been hired in customer support, online banking, and mortgage services positions and are proud to call M&T their employer.

Goodwill is thankful to M&T Bank for our partnership and look forward to continuing to help people change their lives, their careers, and their communities.


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