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Chelsea's Story

"Life is 100% different from where I started until now - and I am happy!"

Chelsea thought that graduating from college would mean she would be able to find a great job soon after, however that was not the case. She experienced a few barriers to finding employment and realized that she would need help completing her job search and preparing for interviews. She was referred to Goodwill to gain the skills she needed.

t Goodwill, Chelsea worked with her Case Manager on her work readiness skills and learned “how to make a good impression in an interview” and succeed in her job search. She was always open to options available to her. Chelsea gained valuable work experience in Goodwill’s Donated Goods/Retail Division and trained at Goodwill’s Buffalo store. She interviewed for and was hired as a sales associate at Goodwill’s Hamburg location where she worked for two years.

Although Chelsea enjoyed her position and did well, she says it “wasn’t really where I wanted to be”. Chelsea thought that she might like working in an office environment and decided to enroll into Goodwill’s Long Term Employment Program to help her find a new position that would allow her to

utilize her college education and customer service experience. Chelsea started to work with a Career Coach who provided her with guidance and support to be able to reach her goals and take steps toward a new career path.

Chelsea’s timing could not have been better. Goodwill had just partnered with Fisher Price/Mattel on a new training program for a career path that would prove to be perfect for Chelsea. She received training and hands on work experience as a data entry clerk working on a fulfillment project for Fisher Price/Mattel’s Hot Wheels products, and she is thriving in the office environment.

Chelsea has gained many new work skills through her position and has a positive view on the future of her career. We’re excited to see that Chelsea has found her career path and look forward to what’s ahead for her.


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