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Jeff's Story

Jeff’s path began at Goodwill but led him to a place where he could concentrate on what was most important in his life – his children. As a single dad, he needed a secure job and financial future to support himself and his family.

Jeff began working at Goodwill as a warehouse team member in 2017. Since his position was only part time, he took on a second part time job as a cleaner in the evenings. That left him “running from job to job” and never spending enough quality time with his children. He knew something had to change.

Jeff decided to enroll in Goodwill’s Long Term Employment (LTE) program with hopes of gaining control of his future. He wanted to explore employment options that would lead to a career path with a larger salary. He had a great work environment at Goodwill and wanted to find another place that he was “proud to be a part of” where he would be “happy to go to work every day”. Goodwill’s LTE program helped Jeff with his resume writing and interviewing skills, and he completed many job applications while waiting for a call that said “we want you to work for us”.

When the pandemic began, Jeff was temporarily laid off from his part time job at Goodwill, but he did return to work after a few months. The entire time, Jeff’s career coach at Goodwill sent him job leads and he searched independently for employment opportunities. He continued working at Goodwill while holding out hope.

In October of 2020, Jeff got the call he had been waiting -and working- for. He landed a full time position with a major manufacturing company in the area that provided him with a substantial salary increase and a full benefits package. He “loves the work environment” where he works on a small team and relates well to his coworkers. His new employer has unlimited overtime opportunities that Jeff takes advantage of which eliminated his need for a second job and frees up more time for his family.

Jeff has recently moved from the inner city to the northtowns to be closer to his new job. He loves his “new neighborhood and the people in it”.

We are happy for Jeff and his family and cannot wait to hear what is next for him on his new career path.


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