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Shamar's Story

"Goodskills gave me the confidence to really be myself and to go after opportunities with the skills I've learned."

Shamar was at a place in his life where he felt he had no real direction. He was unemployed and knew he wanted a position that gave him a purpose, but he lacked the confidence and guidance to move forward. He was in need of stable housing, had other personal issues, and struggled with the ability to network and adapt to new schedules.

A friend told Shamar about Goodskills Career Builder. Enrolling in Goodskills Career Builder exposed Shamar to career possibilities in both the Technology and Manufacturing fields, and the skills and hands on training he learned could be applied in either career path. His upbeat, outgoing team-oriented personality began to shine. Shamar learned the tools and strategies he needed to gain and maintain confidence, communicate well, present himself in an interview and network across professions, allowing new doors of opportunity to open for him.

When Shamar interviewed with employers at the on-site job fair for Goodskills graduates, he initially landed a job with a local company in a remote position. He decided to go with another position that he felt would better suit his personality and his desire to do “hands on” work. That position is with PCB Piezotronics where he is building on the skills he has learned through Goodskills and participating in PCB’s manufacturing training program to become a Manufacturing Technician. Shamar had the skillset that PCB looks for when they are developing new trainees, and his employer describes him as a quick learner who is extremely reliable. Shamar will tell you that he really enjoys his new position at PCB. It has given him hope, and he appreciates the fact that every day is a new learning experience for him.


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