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Goodwill Announces Matt Paxton as Ambassador and Spokesperson

Rockville, MD – Downsizing and decluttering expert Matt Paxton has been chosen to serve as an international spokesperson for Goodwill. As an official representative, Paxton will be featured on radio and television spots as well as in PSAs, blogs, social media posts, podcasts, and on other platforms to demonstrate how donations to Goodwill translate into programs and services in communities across the U.S. and Canada.

Paxton was selected due to his passion for organization and dedication to helping others downsize as well as for his work that has helped thousands get their homes in order. Together with Paxton, Goodwill will encourage people to clear their closets and homes of unwanted items and put them to good use by donating them to help their local communities. Every instance of decluttering and organizing inspired by Paxton’s work will help create tangible donations for Goodwill.

“As I wrote Keep the Memories, Lose the Stuff, I realized how important donating items is to my mission and to my clients. One of the first rules of donation is to find an organization that aligns with your personal mission and morals,” said Paxton. “I have chosen to work with Goodwill because of its purpose driven mission of providing people with training and jobs.”

Donors can take pride in giving to Goodwill, as the sale of their donations supports employment programs that help people find jobs and build careers in their communities. Nearly 86 percent of collective revenue from the sale of donated goods at Goodwill organizations supports community-based programs and services, such as digital skills training, credential and certifications, transportation, mentoring and more.

“I’m very excited at the thought of helping families downsize and declutter their homes while at the same time helping hardworking people obtain skills and jobs,” said Paxton. “As I continue to help families change their lives by donating their unwanted items, remember that it goes beyond just stuff. The items you donate to Goodwill actually change lives.”

Goodwill nonprofit organizations across North America will benefit from Paxton’s expertise and role as spokesperson. The tips and resources he will provide will advance the Goodwill mission and motivate consumers to think more intuitively about donations.

“Goodwill is extremely excited to partner with Matt,” said Onney Crawley, chief marketing officer of Goodwill Industries International. “As a Goodwill ambassador, he will bring the mission of the brand to life and provide our organization with actionable ideas for downsizing, organizing and donating unwanted items.”


Matt Paxton is a leading downsizing and decluttering expert. He started after his father, stepfather and both grandfathers died in the same year, leaving him with several estates to settle at once. Ever since, he and his network of experts have been working with families struggling with settling estates and cleanouts for almost 20 years. He is the host of the Emmy-nominated public television series “Legacy List with Matt Paxton,” which launched its third season in January 2022. The series produced by MY Entertainment and Shipyard Entertainment in association with VPM, Virginia’s home for public media, and distributed by American Public Television (APT). He has also been an expert featured during 13 seasons of the hit A&E TV show, “Hoarders.” Paxton appears regularly as a public speaker, television and radio personality, helping families find the upside of downsizing. His latest book, Keep the Memories, Lose the Stuff: Declutter, Downsize, and Move Forward with Your Life, will be published by Penguin in February 2022 and features his nine steps to downsizing and decluttering your home. Matt can be found online at,


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